FREE logo design for your blog/website!

Need a custom logo for your blog or website? As part of 48hourslogo new designer entrance exam, we will assign an aspiring designer to create a custom logo for your blog or website absolutely FREE! Just sign up and receive free logo in your mailbox.


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Why are we doing this?

It's actually the entrance exam we give to new designers wishing to join 48hourslogo design team. Instead of a typical exam, we take a more practical approach by assigning a real life logo design task (which is your free logo design request) to our new designers.

How long does it take?

Depend on the number of signups we have in the queue and the number of new designers registering to take our test, the wait could be anywhere between 1 to 5 days. Please take a look our delivery status at on top of this page for more information.

Can I ask for design revisions?

Once you receive your free logo, you can try asking the designer to make small modifications for you. However designers are NOT required to do logo revisions. In addition, you will receive the vector source file of your design so you can make modifications yourself.

How do I sign up?

Our only requirement is that you have a existing website or blog. Click on the "Request Free Logo" button and complete a simple logo design brief. We will email you when your logo is ready for download. If there are too many requests in the queue, we may temporarily stop taking new request (the button will be grey) until queue clears up.