Should Your Business Use A Badge Emblem Type Logo Design?

A logo encompasses everything about your business and this is the first and most important starting ground on which people can remember your branding in a visual sense. There are a number of different types of logos, but have you considered a badge logo? Should your business use a badge emblem type logo design or perhaps another?

Characteristics of Emblem Logos

For starters, you first should familiarize yourself with what an emblem logo looks like and what it’s composed of. What sets badge or emblem logos to other types is how it involves placement of graphics or symbols with the text inside the logo, making both inseparable. 

It’s interesting to know that while this type of logo that’s reminiscent to a rounded seal logo or badge was more popular back then, more and more of today’s new companies are taking a liking to it and even putting a retro and vintage feel to it as well.

More often than not, political organizations and well-established private companies are the ones who use emblem logos. There’s a certain distinction and bold statement that this type of logo creates, making it very effective for businesses that want to really stand out and be well recognized in an instant.

Types of Logos

Other types of logos you should also consider include wordmark (or simple text), lettermark (or just initials), brandmark (consisting of a symbol or icon), and combination mark (text and symbol).

Companies making use of script logos include Google, Pinterest, and Yahoo! Meanwhile, those that use lettermark logos include CNN and IBM. More well-known and established companies use brandmark such as Windows, Nike, and Target. And as for combination marks, companies like Adidas, Pizza Hut, and Xbox360 utilize combining graphics and text placed side by side.

There are several pros and cons to using these types of logos including emblem logos. It all depends on what works best with regards to the vision that you have for your brand’s identity. To be safe, it might be best to try out several kinds of logos before zeroing on a specific type.

In Good Company

You’ll be glad to know that you’re in good company when it comes to emblem type of logo designs. Besides government organization seals, popular and highly successful companies like Starbucks, BMW, MasterCard, Volvo, and even Burger King among many others, utilize the emblem logo design. This group of companies is surely a good company to have if you’re also considering making use of a badge emblem logo design for your own business.

Why Go For Emblem Type Logos?

Going back to the question—should your business use a badge emblem type logo design? The answer is: perhaps, you should consider doing so. In this day and age, the market—for any line of products and services—have been very competitive and it’s getting hard to really standout. And if you only have that one shot at making your logo design count and be instantly recognized, then why not go for a design that’s known to do that, which is an emblem logo?

It’s clear, distinct, and it has a more solid effect on your audience as it carries a strong representation of your brand’s icon and name. Also, it’s much easier to just put that seal on all of your branding materials, including your website and other paraphernalia.