Can you get a professional custom logo in less than 60 minutes?


Actually, you can. is a logo design website that offers online custom logo design in less than an hour. The site works with an amazing touch of personalization by letting customers have full custom logos for their specific brands. It opens its services both small business and individuals. Here are some good reasons to design your company logo at

•  It offers affordable rates

You can get a custom designed logo concept for only $5. However, you are allowed to order at least three logos for you to enjoy the low-cost services. This implies that you will end up spending only $15 for three custom logo design that meets your preferences.

•  Rapid delivery

Once you place your order, each logo will be handled by a professional designer. This means that your order will be done in less than 60 minutes. So in one hour, you can be confident of having your company logo ready.

•  Readily available services

The website has over 70 professional logo designers that are always ready to offer their top notch services to the customers. You will be sure of being served in less than 60 minutes. For that, you don’t have to wait for hours before the designers respond to your order.

•  A trusted brand

Logo123 is supposedly the most trusted online logo design platform. The website has over 4,400 customers, and an overall rating of 4.9 stars out of 5. With such a rating, you can be sure of getting instant and professional logo design service.

•  You work with real designers

The logos are not randomly generated by a robotic system. Rather, it is a platform that links logo customers to real designers that are professional at what they do. You can visit the Designers page on and view the available designers, along with their completed projects.

At, you can be confident of owning a simple logo in less than 60 minutes. You also have the chance of gifting a business partner with a logo, which will be mailed with the full concepts by the professionals at the website. The logo pricing is also very friendly, making it a reliable place to go if you need a professional logo. Check out their video if you to know more.